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Dunstable Icknield Lower School

Dunstable Icknield Lower School

Mental Health / Mindfulness for children and parents

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 18th-24th MAY 2020- Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation

Key Links: 

Government Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak 

Here for parents - keeping children safe and happy during school closures (

ThinkNinja App - - 

ThinkNinja – Apps on Google Play

                                ThinkNinja - a free App to support children and young people with ...


Mental Health app ThinkNinja The ThinkNinja app is now freely available to all during the COVID-19 outbreak and has been updated with specific COVID-19 content. This content is designed to bring self-help knowledge and skills to children and young people (10-18 years old) who may be experiencing increased anxiety and stress during this time. The new content provides an opportunity for young people to understand the following:

• fears relating to the virus

• isolation struggles and how to stay connected to family and friends

• worries about personal health and health of family members

• coping techniques to use during the crisis

• many other helpful tips

Miss McKinlay's Marvellous Mindfulness Message:

Children of today are growing up in a much different world than previous generations. Life is often busy with parents needing to work and children taking part in many extra-curricular activities and with technology often being at our fingertips, children often never have the chance to experience the wonderful world of boredom. They don’t get to switch off, tune the world out, and find their inner creativity. Practising mindfulness every day can have a great impact on our lives both as adults and children.

It can:

- Decrease feelings of stress and anxiety

-  Improve focus and concentration

- Help with impulsivity

- Improve self-regulation

- Develop empathy

- Reduce aggression

- Improve sleep

…and much more!