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Dunstable Icknield Lower School

Dunstable Icknield Lower School

Isolation - Fun activities and ideas to do at home


 - Non-screen activities you can do at home:

- STEM Bingo 


- Write on little bits of paper activities or fun things you'd like to do, fold them up and put it in a bag. Each day pull out a exciting surprise activity

- 30 day lego challenge:

Image result for isolation activities for children

- Make your own family tree and explore the branches of your family 

Image result for family tree for children

Image result for family tree for children

- Have a paper aeroplane competition and compare your designs

Image result for paper aeroplaes

- Have a picnic in the garden

Image result for family picnic in the garden

- Have a go at following a recipe. Do some baking or cooking

Image result for children cooking and baking

- Create a road map using masking tape in your home. Can you balance on it? Can you navigate a toy car on it?

Image result for road map using tape in house

- Make play dough. How many animals can you make? Can you spell your name? Can you make a picture with it? Can you design a meal using the play dough? Have a go at some dough disco videos (

Image result for play dough meal

- Play a board game or design your own board game to play

Image result for board games

- Go on a treasure hunt around the house. How many objects can you find beginning with the letter: P? S? A? C? L? B?

Image result for savenger hunt around the house

- Hide an object in your house and make a map for one of your family members to find it. Don't forget X marks the spot!!

Image result for child drawing a  map

- Natures music:

- Make a butterfly painting:

BBC Tiny Happy People (for children 0 months-5 Years -

Film guides - 'Into film':