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Dunstable Icknield Lower School

Dunstable Icknield Lower School

New Deli Bar


A selection of sandwiches will be available -



Egg mayo

Tuna mayo

Along with a salad where children can choose from any of the following -






Pasta salad

Children will be asked which lunch option they are having during registration each morning. They will be given a coloured band to wear into the dining hall allowing the kitchen staff to serve them accordingly. Children will be advised not to swap bands as they will be served according to the band they are wearing. The ABM kitchen will of course also adhere to any special dietary need forms that have been provided to them.

Please can we ask that your child is aware of what lunch they are having an a daily basis, just a reminder before they come into school

(hot meal, vegetarian meal or deli bar, this enables us to provide correct numbers to the kitchen)

Red – will be given to children having a hot school meal

Yellow – will be given to children having a Deli lunch (either meat or vegetarian)

Green – will be given to children having a vegetarian hot meal