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Dunstable Icknield Lower School

Dunstable Icknield Lower School


Dear Parents and Carers,

Closure of school due to severe weather on Friday 1 February 2019

During severe weather conditions, we make every effort to keep the school open for as many children as possible. However, in some circumstances, following completion of a risk assessment, we may decide that it is necessary to temporarily close the school. Reasons may include: 

  • Too few staff members can reach the school, or advice is issued against travelling 
  • Risk of injury to pupils, staff or visitors due to the weather conditions 
  • A failure of the school’s heating systems 

In such circumstances we will always attempt to give parents and carers advance notice, but due to the unpredictable nature of some weather events this may not always be possible. 

On Friday 1 February 2019, following consultation with our governing board and completion of the risk assessment, I regrettably had to take the decision to close the school. This was due to the treacherous road and pavement conditions posing a risk to the safety of staff and children traveling to and from school.  

We communicated information about the school closure before 7.45am via the Central Bedfordshire School’s Open Status (SOS) system, on our school website, by text message and via email.  If you did not receive a text message or email, please contact the school office.  

If you are not yet signed up to receive text messages from CBC SOS, and would like to access this service in future, pleasego to register for updates.  Please also let us know if your contact details have changed. 

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. Decisions to close the school are never taken lightly, but unfortunately may sometimes be necessary for the safety and wellbeing of the school community. 

We look forward to seeing everyone back to school on Monday 4 February 2019.

Yours sincerely

Glynn Stirling